Dontro: for state-of-the-art websites, web and Android applications development... that give optimal performace and desired results.

What I do

Here at Dontro.com I help businesses, organizations and individuals grow their online presence. I build professional, state-of-the-art websites, web apps and Android applications that give best result.

My Experience

With years of programming experience in different programming languages and solid knowledge of web and Android development, you are sure to get nothing less than professionally build solid website or app.

My skillets

My relevant skills, which I use to deliver nothing but the best: programming in different programming languages, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital marketing, etc. Below is how I rate myself.

My Skillsets

Here are some of my relevant skills...

HTML 99%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 85%
Java 90%
PHP 98%
Python 80%
SQL 90%