What is a domain name?

Domain name (in layman's term) is the web address (or URL) of a website. For example, the we address of Facebook is facebook.com, that for Google is google.com, and for Dontro it is dontro.com

Every website must have a domain name before it can be accessible on the Internet.

Hence, if you want a website, you need to purchase a domain name from domain registrars (companies) that sell domain names. To buy a domain name is easy. It's just similar to the way you shop online.

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What is web hosting?

A web host is where a website is "housed on the Internet". For example, after a web developer is done building a website, say on his personal computer, he will upload it online to a platform called web hosting..

By hosting the website online, Internet users can now access the site through a domain name associated with it.

In other words, without hosting the website online it cannot go live and can't be accessible on the Internet.